Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I have the sneezes.

I sneezed 27 times yesterday (twice when I was getting my teeth cleaned...) and today I'm going on 11, and its only 12:30.

But that's okay, because I like sneezes. They makes me feel better.

None of my sneezes are ever the same.

I usually do a weird "Aa--aa-aa--snorkle-CHEW!" Or something along the lines. It doesn't sound like a sneeze when I'm actually sneezing, but then I let out my breath in a little squeak. That's the norm, and its quite odd.

I also like trying to say "Sneeze!" when I sneeze. Usually that results in a disgusted scream for a tissue, but sometimes it works.

Other times I try to keep my eyes open when I sneeze. I'll just say--don't try that in public, folks.

Then there's the Gollywhopper; you just let it out. Mouth wide, head back, totally unprepared. That one feels relieving, just to sneeze.

Anyhoo. I felt the need to blog about this.

But yeah. I have the sneezes.

Stay awesome.

Run into walls.

Dip graham crackers in water.


~Erin, the Texan blogger. <3


  1. Nice, Erin. *sneezes with eyes open* :)

  2. Wish I could hear you squeaky-sneeze! XD

    NOT YOU TOO WITH THE GRAHAM CRACKERS IN WATER!!!!!!! Noooooo!!! *headdesk* Maddy was after me on that, said I was weird. Me. Weird. I don't believe it. :P


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