Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Birthday.

Warning: The post has nothing to do with writing. :)

My birthday was this past week. I had quite a lovely one. I stayed in my pajamas all day, slacked off school, and did lots of reading and writing.

These are the two cakes I made, a tomato soup cake, and an ice cream one...

A book I have been waiting for in the mail arrived on my birthday! I was SO happy. :) I received it for free from the publisher. If you'd like to get an awesome deal like that too, click HERE.

Is that not some of the most gorgeous cover art you've ever seen???

God blessed me with an amazing group of friends... It wasn't necessary, but they gave me some thoughtful gifts anyway. (♥Love you all!♥)

Silicone cupcake holders and a cookbook (ah! I can't wait to use them)...

Candy... always a winner... :)

A whiteboard!!! (I'm having so much fun doodling on it :)

This GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS amazing picture drawn by my friend.

A book... when this blog post is done I'm going to go finish it... it's so good...

Scrapbook supplies...

A very very awesome paper mache Winnie the Pooh bear... homemade gifts are the BEST...

I also got a notebook and a game. And lots of cards. I love cards. :)

My mom made peanut butter cups for everyone...

Anyways, that was my birthday. Just to have something about writing, my novel is coming along nicely... 32 pages and 15,000 words...



  1. Sweet candy :) And those cakes and cups look so yummy! I've been wanting to read The Wishing Pearl...I might just have to get signed up! Are you required to have a yahoo account??? Happy late birthday Maddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  2. Sierra, I'm not sure. I share an account with my dad and my brother. I think you'd probably be allowed to go without.
    You can contact the lady who heads it up with this address:


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