Thursday, January 26, 2012

This is me...

The Canadian blogger here!!

Hi! I'm Maddy! I'm five feet eight inches and don't give me coffee or chocolate-coffee because I'll go nuts! I have about a billion stuffed animals and books. There's nothing I like better then to read until midnight, wake up the next morning exhausted, and go through my day wishing it was bedtime again.

I am extremely hyper, but I have a serious side too. I am a dedicated musician and play in an orchestra. I write, but I don't write for fun... I write for satisfaction. My favourite kind of book is a medieval romances and I love to fill my wall with posters, calendar pull-outs, cards, pictures, and business cards.

I have completed two novels, started way more, and am working on about four or five currently, plus editing others.

I have two siblings, a brother, sixteen, and a sister, age fourteen. Both are older than me. I should probably mention that the design on this blog is all done by my brother, I had no part in brainstorming or otherwise. And any book cover in the OUR BOOKS section of this blog is probably done by him too.

I love to dream about things I know will never happen.

Jesus Christ means everything to me.

I dip graham crackers in water.

I have a pet unicorn.

I like Root Beer better than Coke (in my circle of family and friends, this is considered rebellion :).

So hi!

And remember, never ever ever ever ever turn your back on a leprechaun. They might just... disappear.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why, hello there!

Tis the Texan girl of this blog, Erin. This is my first post in this collab-blog, as you so may call it, and I'm quite excited about this. Maddy, the other blogger, will totally outshine me with her wonderful blogging skills, but I may as well try, eh?

All right. SO. My name is Erin. I'm fifteen and three-quarters and almost 5 feet tall. I have a pet unicorn, I eat cereal at least twice a day, and I have no balance whatsoever. On my posts you'll probably be hearing some adventures of mine, since I have them every day. I'm an awkward person. I have many odd habits. I'm not going to bore you with details.

I'm a writer. Writing is my passion, and so far I have completed three full-length novels, two of which are still going through a long and sweaty editing process in which I pull out my hair on many occasions and often scream at my characters. I'm soon going to self-publish those two, and that's really exciting for me.

I'm also an aspiring film director. I love making short films, book trailers, the like. I love acting too, but its really being behind the camera that I love.

Oh! I'm a neat freak. I'll only get into a rant if I talk about this, but I'll just say messy is my enemy. It feels like death. So I'm a neat freak. Unlike Maddy, I keep my clothes where they belong and my head still in the clouds ;)

But yes. That is me, and this is my first blog post. This will be a fun ride.
Stay awesome.
Don't eat leprechauns.
Write away.

~Erin <3

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hello and Welcome!

Head in the Clouds is a blog written by two aspiring authors, both in their teen years.

On it we hope to talk not only about our writing journey, but everyday life as well.

This is a little about us:

Erin (epicerin96)

I'm a tiny speck on this universe. I see things different. I'm lost in this thing called life, and I'm loving it.
Teenager. Writer. Dreamer.

Maddy (♫book blogger)
I'm a teen who keeps her clothes on the floor and her head in the clouds. I'm a Christian and my prayer is to glorify God through writing and music. I love red shoes, wedding dresses, flowers, whip cream, and coffee.

We have never met each other, but pray that God will give us an opportunity to one day do so.

So hello and welcome to our world!

Love from
Maddy and Erin