Our Books

Someone To Watch Over Me by: Erin and Maddy

Zach Enders lives in seclusion on an unknown island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. With him are several other students, all training at Epilegetai Mia Academy, all training to fight. Kylee, the instructor, chooses one person each year to go out into the world and select one new recruit.

She picks Zach.

Allowing Zach to do this goes against all the rules of the academy, but she cannot ignore what The Creator is telling her to do. Then disaster strikes, leaving all students helpless and at the mercies of Belial.

Turtle Brisban lives the life of a homeless, teenage New Yorker. Both her parents died when she was seven. Ever since then her life has been one misfortune after another. But now a gang is accepting her into their ranks, despite her opposite gender, and she doesn't think things could be much better.

Until she meets Zach. A boy who seems to think she has a purpose other then pleasing her boss. That someone could actually... love her?

Untitled by: Maddy and Erin

Brainwashing. That was what Mom called it before she just... disappeared.

The president of the United States has gone missing.
People are confused and angry.
Schools hide secrets.
One wrong word and you'll end up missing, just like the president.
It's war.
Computers suddenly have minds.
Tekka and Flora must take a stand. 
Because with God, all things are possible. 

Dying Embers by: Erin

Seven maiden elves.
Seven Guardians.
Seven Tylkas.
One unstoppable war.

In the world of Amarah, there is war. The elves and people fight, fueled by energy of the seven Tylkas of seven maiden elves. The only way the war can be stopped is for the Tylkas to be connected. For that to happen, the maiden elves must take their Guardian and leave the portion of land they protect, leaving everyone vulnerable and weak. They must trust their Guardians and embark on a journey to save Amarah.

The Cypress Tree's Warning by: Maddy

Vilight Winters grew up surrounded in innocence, but her purity of mind cannot last forever.
When her sixteenth birthday comes around, Vilight’s sister elopes with her best friend and the people around begin to just... disappear.
Then one day a mysterious package shows up on Vilight’s doorstep, addressed to her dead grandfather! In it is an old, time-worn journal, a map, and a note.
Vilight wants to ignore the calling she feels impressed upon herself, but with her world closing in around her, perhaps the map is the key to escaping her troubles.
And then it is explained to her that there is someone out there, calling her to even greater purposes. Someone who will never leave her. Someone who died to save her.
Join Vilight in a tale of shipwrecks, sharks, treasure, and betrayal as she battles to find truth and meaning in a world of lies and cruelty.

Forbidden Remembrance by: Erin

In a world where memories are forbidden, one girl by the name of Izzy Wood seeks to remember, but can't. One day she learns of the Company, a group of individuals with special imaginations; and she is part of it. They tell her of something called the Memory Orb, a bodiless mass which was made long ago to save memories from being lost--but did just the opposite. Izzy and the Company set out to find the remaining members of their group, through the lands where legions are searching for someone, to where the Memory Orb calls them. Along the way they must train their minds, face their fears, and resist their temptations in order to save the world's memories from being lost.

Of Nightingales and Singing by: Maddy

Marie Chapman is a beautiful and wealthy young woman living in 1800th century New York. Her mother puts this to good use while she conducts a search for the "perfect husband." But then sickness overtakes her, and Marie's mother dies a sudden death, leaving her only daughter behind with a large fortune. Ignoring her many gentlemen callers, Marie goes to work in the Crimean War as a nurse and meets The Lady of the Lamp. A woman who could change her life forever...

Untitled by: Erin

In a village called Common, hidden in the woods of Canada and unseen by the human eye, a young Cyrie by the name of Echo strives to be accepted. At seventeen years of age and still without her Talent power, Echo is an outsider who is good at nothing but solving riddles.
But when one Cyrie forgets to take the elixir which keeps the Cyries' full powers at bay and it is still left when the full moon rises, Echo knows its her chance to prove herself. As the Cyrie, suddenly exposed to the real world, show up on the magic moving boxes all over the world, Echo searches for ingredients to make more elixir. Along the way she must avoid all the dangers of the tech-filled new world all while fending off Talon, a human greedy for the power the moon will give him. Will Echo make the elixir before Talon receives power from the moon? Will the Cyrie be exposed to their own powers without the elixir, and will they ever get back to Common?