Thursday, January 26, 2012

This is me...

The Canadian blogger here!!

Hi! I'm Maddy! I'm five feet eight inches and don't give me coffee or chocolate-coffee because I'll go nuts! I have about a billion stuffed animals and books. There's nothing I like better then to read until midnight, wake up the next morning exhausted, and go through my day wishing it was bedtime again.

I am extremely hyper, but I have a serious side too. I am a dedicated musician and play in an orchestra. I write, but I don't write for fun... I write for satisfaction. My favourite kind of book is a medieval romances and I love to fill my wall with posters, calendar pull-outs, cards, pictures, and business cards.

I have completed two novels, started way more, and am working on about four or five currently, plus editing others.

I have two siblings, a brother, sixteen, and a sister, age fourteen. Both are older than me. I should probably mention that the design on this blog is all done by my brother, I had no part in brainstorming or otherwise. And any book cover in the OUR BOOKS section of this blog is probably done by him too.

I love to dream about things I know will never happen.

Jesus Christ means everything to me.

I dip graham crackers in water.

I have a pet unicorn.

I like Root Beer better than Coke (in my circle of family and friends, this is considered rebellion :).

So hi!

And remember, never ever ever ever ever turn your back on a leprechaun. They might just... disappear.



  1. Yes... we may just disappear... unless you have a Snickers bar, of course.

  2. Then your Snickers bar might just disappear as well...

  3. Hehehe... this made me laugh. Yay, you mentioned orchestra!! :D Good luck practicing choreography this week. ;)

  4. Sprinkles: You're scaring me, girl! I don't want my snickers bar to disappear!

    Julia: Yay! Keep laughing. :)
    Ugh! Don't remind me. I've been tottering around the house trying to get used to high heels for three or four days now. :) And I cannot get the chug. *headdesk*


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