Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why, hello there!

Tis the Texan girl of this blog, Erin. This is my first post in this collab-blog, as you so may call it, and I'm quite excited about this. Maddy, the other blogger, will totally outshine me with her wonderful blogging skills, but I may as well try, eh?

All right. SO. My name is Erin. I'm fifteen and three-quarters and almost 5 feet tall. I have a pet unicorn, I eat cereal at least twice a day, and I have no balance whatsoever. On my posts you'll probably be hearing some adventures of mine, since I have them every day. I'm an awkward person. I have many odd habits. I'm not going to bore you with details.

I'm a writer. Writing is my passion, and so far I have completed three full-length novels, two of which are still going through a long and sweaty editing process in which I pull out my hair on many occasions and often scream at my characters. I'm soon going to self-publish those two, and that's really exciting for me.

I'm also an aspiring film director. I love making short films, book trailers, the like. I love acting too, but its really being behind the camera that I love.

Oh! I'm a neat freak. I'll only get into a rant if I talk about this, but I'll just say messy is my enemy. It feels like death. So I'm a neat freak. Unlike Maddy, I keep my clothes where they belong and my head still in the clouds ;)

But yes. That is me, and this is my first blog post. This will be a fun ride.
Stay awesome.
Don't eat leprechauns.
Write away.

~Erin <3


  1. Nice first post, Erin! I laughed the whole way through and I have no idea why. :)

  2. I would never eat a Leprechaun. That would make me a cannibal.


  3. Great post, Erin!! Looking forward to reading more from you! ^_^ Oh, by the way... I'm a neat freak too. My sister leaves her clothes ALL OVER THE FLOOR and I practically scream at her to pick them up. xD I cannot BEAR messes. :P


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