Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hello and Welcome!

Head in the Clouds is a blog written by two aspiring authors, both in their teen years.

On it we hope to talk not only about our writing journey, but everyday life as well.

This is a little about us:

Erin (epicerin96)

I'm a tiny speck on this universe. I see things different. I'm lost in this thing called life, and I'm loving it.
Teenager. Writer. Dreamer.

Maddy (♫book blogger)
I'm a teen who keeps her clothes on the floor and her head in the clouds. I'm a Christian and my prayer is to glorify God through writing and music. I love red shoes, wedding dresses, flowers, whip cream, and coffee.

We have never met each other, but pray that God will give us an opportunity to one day do so.

So hello and welcome to our world!

Love from
Maddy and Erin

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